Experience a wet n' wild time.

Seadoos on a lake.

Did you know that Canada has 2.3 million boats? We're trying to help you make passive income or have a great time on the water.

According to a study, the average Canadian only uses their boats 12 times a year. This means there are on average 40 more beautiful days that those boats are sitting dry.

Our goal is to provide passive income to these individuals and/or businesses while providing a safe yet wet n' wild time to any renters looking for a fun day on the water.

Are you a boat owner?

WetRentals offers you a good way to earn some extra cash! If you're not using your boat every day, why not rent it to other people while it's not in use? And even if you are using your boat every day (we understand, we love boats too), why not invite other people to join you on a fun experience! A shared boating experience is often a more fulfilling one.

Who is WetRentals

WetRentals is a Ottawa based company who started by renting Sea-Doos. Delivering them to your dock or door, WetRentals quickly became popular in eastern Ontario. While looking at the future of rentals, the founders decided to pivot to a rental platform...and here we are!

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