WetRentals Commitment to the Environment


We recognize that we are in an industry that produces an unusual amount of carbon. For this reason we 100% offset our carbon emissions through Less. Less is a industry leader for carbon offsetting, they offset some of the biggest Canadian companies including Air Canada. With a partner like Less we can ensure that our company remains as eco friendly as possible.

Our Environmental and Carbon Neutral Efforts

We at WetRentals understand the amount of carbon our crafts emit to the planet. We do our absolute best to offset these. We have partnered with Less to help offset our carbon emissions.

Our Emissions

JetSkis: ~1900 lbs of carbon per day. Cars: ~30 lbs of carbon per day We round up each day of renting to 1 ton of carbon emissions. This equates for any extra usage or unexpected trips.

Our Environmental Efforts

Similar to our carbon vision, we have a strong passion for our environment. For this reason we have adopted some strict company policies to ensure our environment remains safe. This includes an educational video to all our renters about safety and our environmental. All our boats are sprayed down and cleaned after each rental to ensure we don't cross contaminate lakes. All machines are fueled up out of water to ensure no gas is spilled in our beautiful lakes. These are only some of our measures taken. ​ As a company in a high carbon industry we understand the impact it takes on our beautiful planet. With our environmental efforts we can help ensure our planet stays beautiful. We are actively looking into sustainable jetcrafts to replace our gas powered machines.

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