FAQ for a wet n' wild time

WetRentals FAW.

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How many people fit on the Seadoo?

Most Sea Doos fit 2-3 people per Sea Doo. However, this is a tight 3 person fit. We recommend having 2 people per Seadoo for the most fun and comfort!

Where are you located??

WetRentals is a marketplace that provides a platform for boat owners to rent their boats. This means we are located everywhere!

Do I need a boater’s license to rent a boat?

No! We can issue a temporary one that will cover the length of your rental. Just email us!

How much is a rental?

WetRentals is a marketplace that provides a platform for boat owners to rent their boats. This means that pricing is set by the customer. Search a location to see local pricing.!

Do you rent half days?

Some WetRentals host rent by the hour. Ask them by messaging them directly!

What should I bring and what should I wear?

Boats don’t have a ton of room so keep your things to a minimal. Most renters bring a bottle of water and a packed lunch. Check your listing to see if you need to bring life jackets or safety equipment.

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as you provide WetRentals with more than 7 days notice, you will receive a full refund! Should it be less than 7 days, we will retain one full rental day.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept credit cards.

How far can I go during my rental?

Please communicate with your host!

What happens if it rains on our trip?

Unfortunately no refunds are given due to bad weather (rain, high winds etc.). At this time WetRentals can not be held responsible for weather conditions or weather issues. Don’t worry we are working on a way to ensure it is sunny 24/7

Who is WetRentals

WetRentals is a Ottawa based company who started by renting Sea-Doos. Delivering them to your dock or door, WetRentals quickly became popular in eastern Ontario. While looking at the future of rentals, the founders decided to pivot to a rental platform...and here we are!

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