Bald Eagle Photography Workshop

Bald Eagle Photography Workshop

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About this adventure and logistics

Experience the ultimate 5-day photography workshop with this boat adventure​,​ designed to showcase the beauty of the area while maximizing photographic opportunities both on land and water. Witness one of the most incredible gatherings of Bald Eagles in the world​,​ as several hundred of them converge in the area to feed on Hake​,​ creating a unique opportunity for photography. The adventure is timed perfectly around the largest tidal cycles​,​ ensuring you get to capture the non-stop action of eagles flying down to capture Hake all around you. With the opportunity to capture dozens​,​ if not hundreds of action shots each hour​,​ you'll never know where to point your lens. The workshop guarantees you'll be there for the entirety of the action each day​,​ allowing you to capture the best shots possible. Rates for this adventure start from $4​,​299 + taxes based on double occupancy​,​ and the 5-day workshop is an experience not to be missed. With a focus on providing the best possible photographic opportunities​,​ you'll come away with incredible shots of this breathtaking area and its wildlife. TLDR: - 5-day photography workshop showcasing the area's beauty on land and water - Witness one of the world's most incredible gatherings of Bald Eagles feeding on Hake - Rates from $4​,​299 + taxes based on double occupancy


  • A WR Partner Boat
  • Life Jackets & Safety Gear
  • Toilet
  • Bar
  • Fishing Gear
  • Watersports Equipment
  • Trailer Included
  • This Is A Guided Tour

Adventure Rules

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Cancelation Policy

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Damage deposit

Your payment method will be charged a damage deposit of CA$0.00 24h prior to your rental. Pending any damages, the damage deposit will be returned 48h post rental. This damage deposit secures the host if the boat is damaged during your rental. The damage deposit must be taken from the same card that the booking was made on. Questions? Contact us by clicking on the blue support button.


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