Waimea Botanical Garden General Admission

Waimea Botanical Garden General Admission

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About this adventure and logistics

On this boat adventure​,​ guests can enjoy a scenic ride along the coast of Oahu​,​ Hawaii. The boat takes them to Waimea Bay​,​ where they can go snorkeling or just relax on the beach. Snorkel equipment is provided​,​ and guests can expect to see a variety of colorful fish and coral. After snorkeling​,​ the boat takes guests to Waimea Botanical Garden​,​ where they can explore the lush tropical landscape. The garden features over 5​,​000 species of plants​,​ including rare and endangered species. Visitors can also see a waterfall and a koi pond. Overall​,​ this boat adventure offers a great opportunity to experience the beauty of Hawaii's coast and explore the diverse plant life of Waimea Botanical Garden. TLDR: - Boat adventure along Oahu coast to Waimea Bay - Snorkeling and beach time - Visit to Waimea Botanical Garden with over 5​,​000 plant species​,​ waterfall​,​ and koi pond.


  • A WR Partner Boat
  • Life Jackets & Safety Gear
  • Toilet
  • Bar
  • Fishing Gear
  • Watersports Equipment
  • Trailer Included
  • This Is A Guided Tour

Adventure Rules

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Cancelation Policy

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Damage deposit

Your payment method will be charged a damage deposit of $0.00 24h prior to your rental. Pending any damages, the damage deposit will be returned 48h post rental. This damage deposit secures the host if the boat is damaged during your rental. The damage deposit must be taken from the same card that the booking was made on. Questions? Contact us by clicking on the blue support button.


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