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Welcome To WetRental's
Westport Location

We are located on the Westport Harbour docks and are ready to provide you a Wet n’ Wild time. Pre-book a time slot below or come visit us on the docks. Review our schedule below for availability! Questions? Contact us

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Book ahead and/or come visit us on the Westport harbour docks!


Seadooing as a Lifestyle

You may wonder what makes seadooing special and what benefits
it gives you. First of all, it's a great and interesting way to fill your day. It reduces stress and greatly improves mental health as well. Besides, Seadooing is all about discovering new places.

  • Thrilling
  • Discover New Places
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Why Choose WetRentals

Easy online booking: search, select, book, enjoy!

New and powerful Seadoo's. Our fleet is replaced every 5 years.

Park and jump on our boats from the Westport harbour

Useful tips and instructions for beginners.